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Photo of four red-and-white striped wind turbines in a field with some bushes.

By enhancing its wind resource assessment capacity, Bangladesh works to accelerate wind power development.

August 2013

To improve the quality of wind energy assessment data, the EC-LEDS program provides technical assistance from wind experts to install measurement equipment in five key locations throughout Bangladesh.

Bangladesh—which relies on domestic natural gas for almost 90% of its electricity generation—recognizes the potential for wind power to:

  • Expand the country's generation capacity as electricity demand grows
  • Mitigate the climate change impacts of burning fossil fuels.

Over the past few years, the country conducted wind energy potential assessments at several locations along the coast; however, the methodology and data from these assessments need to be more rigorous to attract investment in new wind projects. The EC-LEDS program wind expert team is working with the government of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Power Development Board, and representatives from in-country tower manufacturing firms to help attract investors.

The partnership strives to build and leverage local capacity for wind resource assessment. This includes providing high-quality data for decision-makers and investors to help accelerate wind power development in Bangladesh. Once in operation, wind data will be collected for two years. The partners plan to post the data on a public website to facilitate easy access to all interested stakeholders.

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